Band Rider

To insure the best possible and punctuality of the show, the following conditions should be met by the Presenter. Please direct any questions to our agent at EASTCOAST ENTERTAINMENT, INC. Any matters or problems on the date of the engagement should be discussed only with the Artist leader, Kenny Mann


1. Exact location to event must be indicated on contract; specific directions including a map must accompany the contract unless location is a well-established landmark.


2. Presenter agrees to furnish a private dressing room for the artists exclusive use. The room should comfortably hold nine (9) people and be capable of being locked with mirror and rest room access nearby. THE RESERVED DRESSING ROOM SHOULD NOT BE A PUBLIC REST ROOM.



3. Presenter will provide at least six (6) separate 110v/20amp circuits for artists exclusive use or one (1) 220v/50amp single phase circuit fitted with standard female 3 prong range plug (NEMA-10/50R). (As seen to left) POWER MUST BE NO LESS THAN 20 FEET FROM THE STAGE.


4. Artist stage or performance area must be at least a minimum one (1) foot high by twenty four (24) feet wide and at least 12 to 15 deep.


5. Artist requires access to place of performance at least two and one-half hours prior to starting time for technical set-up. Presenter understands that Artist carries equipment in an 18″ truck and must have easy access to the stage area for the loading and unloading of equipment. If elevators are involved, three hours will be needed to set-up. At least one to one and a half hours are necessary to break down and load our equipment after engagement. If no elevator is available, please notify your EASTCOAST ENTERTAIMENT agent.


6. Outdoor engagements must be stated as such on the contract and follow the provisions below: (a) Temperature not to be below 55 degrees F. before or during the performance. (b) If the performance is to be held outdoors, and in the event of inclement weather, Presenter agrees that provisions will be made for the proper grounding of electrical equipment and instruments so as not to constitute a danger or hazard, prior to setting up of the equipment, provisions most be made for the performance to be held indoors. In the event of rain the equipment can not be moved inside once it is set up and job will be considered terminated at that time. If Presenter determines, either because of inclement weather or their failure to obtain indoor facilities not to present the show, Artist shall nevertheless be paid in full the contracted price.


7. Presenter agrees to assume responsibility for any and all damage to Artists equipment by any party not directly associated with the Artist.


8. Payment MUST be made in the form of cash, certified check, cashiers check, fraternity/sorority check or school check. Personal check CANNOT be accepted. Make checks payable to KENNY MANN and all money due should be paid no later than THIRTY MINUTES PRIOR TO SHOWTIME. CASH IS ALWAYS PREFERRED.!!


9. Upon arrival light snacks and sandwiched would be appreciated and one full hot meal to be provided for nine people in dressing room one hour prior to showtime.


10. Presenter agrees upon signing this rider to meet all of the condition herein to the best of their ability. Failure to meet any one of these conditions without a waiver before the performance shall constitute a breach of agreement by Presenter and full amount contracted shall immediately become due to Artist.


11. After contracted time has been completed any additional time thereafter must be negotiated with band manager KENNY MANN and an additional fee may be imposed.


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